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We invite you to the world of magic. Here lightness, confidence, inspiration are manifested, a flow of ideas, energy and creativity opens up. People open up, find their purpose, begin to follow their true path.

You are waiting for trips to places of power, meditation in amazing places, purification ceremonies, meeting the dawn on the volcano and much more magic.

Immerse yourself in a state of pure consciousness, feel sincere joy from life, learn to feel, move in the flow of this world, and begin to follow your true path.

Joint practices, meditations and opening of the heart through the knowledge of a loved one will await you. Your journey together will be filled with sincere joy and true love.

Reviews from our guests about traveling to the world of magic and heart

We invite you to cooperate with organizers of retreats and yoga tours.

The retreat center is located in the suburbs of ubud on the banks of the river, 7 km from the tegenungan waterfall. surrounded by large vegetation and rice terraces away from noisy roads and the bustle of the city. all architecture is made in traditional Balinese style. on the territory there is a swimming pool where you can always relax, and of course a meditation hall where you can devote your time to practice

Now there are many homeless animals on the island that need people's support, both material and physical as a volunteer. Charity donations help pay endless veterinary bills, treat suffering animals, and humanely reduce them by spaying. Sometimes you just need to lend a helping hand to animals in need.

О Бали, солнечный остров в Индонезии|Погода на острове|Как добраться?|Деньги на Бали|Районы|Транспорт на Бали|Что посмотреть и чем заняться на острове?|Соседние острова|Где, на Бали, заняться йогой?

Why is Bali so attractive?

The best flights to Bali

What month is the best weather in Bali for travel?

In this article, we have collected important information about money in Bali for you.

Which area to choose to live? In this article we will talk about the features of each area in Bali.

How to get around in Bali? In this article, we have tried to list the most popular ways

Не смотря на то что на Бали бесчисленное множество мест и занятий, куда бы вы могли отправиться, мы выделил несколько, самых ярких, на наш взгляд

These Indonesian islands, located around Bali, are known not only for their picturesqueness, but also for their culture and hospitality of people. We will only highlight the brightest

There are many Russian surf schools in Bali. Each of them offers a high level of services, and instructors with extensive teaching experience are able to put a beginner on the board even at the first lesson.

Surfing is very popular in Bali. This is explained by the fact that here are the best waves for surfing, and both beginners and professionals with vast experience can do it. In this article, we list the most popular international schools

Хотите провести незабываемую и романтическую ночь, в необычном месте? Мы сделали для Вас подборку, лучшие отели Бали, где можно реализовать свою мечту

В этой статье разобрали для Вас самые популярные места, на острове Бали, где можно заняться йогой

We have made for you a selection of vegetarian and raw food cafes in Bali, where even inveterate carnivores will be surprised by the abundance of dishes and will definitely want to try them.

A waterfall is an element, it is water flying from the sky to our feet. We have made for you a selection of the most beautiful waterfalls in Bali, which will definitely make an indelible impression on you!

This article will focus on those fruits that we are not used to seeing on store shelves, and some of them may never have been seen at all. All of them grow in Bali and neighboring islands