«Love is a goal, life is a journey»

Retreats and yoga tours on the sunny island of Bali

We invite you to the world of magic
The mystic Robert Kuhn discovered the Earth's chakra system decades ago and told us about many unique places. According to him, the island of Bali is the world's center of purification. This is the place where all that you have accumulated over the years starts to come out of you very quickly...

What is the magic of the sunny island of Bali

There is a powerful cleansing at all levels

It happens differently for everyone. But, if you are open, if you are ready, we are waiting for you on the magical island of Bali. You will experience a strong and deep experience, you will be able to work through a large number of issues in a short time and make a powerful leap forward.

...and entering a new stage of spiritual development

Here lightness, confidence, inspiration are manifested, a flow of ideas, energy and creativity opens up. People open up, find their purpose, begin to walk their true path.

if you felt a response in your heart, I suggest you plunge into this world of magic on the island of Bali

Now listen to yourself...

Our tours

Heart of Bali

You are waiting for trips to places of power, meditation in amazing places, purification ceremonies, meeting the dawn on the volcano and much more magic.

Duration: 12 days 11 nights
Language: russian

Joint practices, meditations and opening of the heart through the knowledge of a loved one will await you. Your journey together will be filled with sincere joy and true love.

Duration: 10 days 9 nights
Language: russian

Opening of the Heart

Immerse yourself in a state of pure consciousness, feel sincere joy from life, learn to feel, move in the flow of this world, and begin to follow your true path.

Duration: 10 days 9 nights
Language: russian

two hearts

not available
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