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Retreat Tour - The Heart of Bali

We invite you to Retreat tour "Heart of Bali"
12 days / 11 nights

tour program

day 1

We will meet you at the airport and transfer you to your hotel located in Ubud, the heart of Bali.

The town of Ubud in Bali is a special place, a special atmosphere, a special culture... This is the true "heart" of the island - authentic and pulsating. Everyone here finds something special for themselves. Many fly here like butterflies to the fire of creativity and spiritual development. It is not for nothing that it is called the "heart" of the island, because you can see the real Bali in all its traditions and the true life of the island, right here.

The drive from the airport is about 1.5 hours.
Upon arrival, you will have time to relax and unwind after a long flight.

dating evening

On the evening of the first day, we will gather with you in a warm circle for a tea ceremony.

The tea ceremony is like meditation - it is a process aimed at immersion in oneself, focusing on emotions and feelings, as well as on the taste of the tea itself. Causes various thoughts, dreams and memories. It focuses on positive emotions. Thus, we will be able to form our request, for which we are now here

day 2

On this beautiful day after meditation, we go to the "AMATI SPA" wellness salon to relax as much as possible before an unforgettable journey through the world of Bali's magic.

In the program (3 hours):
• SPA for the head
• Hamam
• Scrub
• Balinese massage
• Relax in the garden with tea and fruit
After we have rested body and soul, it's time to enjoy an amazing lunch at the Alchemy Vegetarian Cafe.

They cook here only from natural and organic products.
Your health is the first and most important step towards transformation. We are what we eat and think - from food and thought to form and being.

Then we will return to the hotel to rest, swim in the pool, optionally do yoga and prepare for the further journey.

day 3

After morning meditation and a delicious breakfast, our path lies to the holy source and place of power, where we will undergo a purification ceremony.

Next, according to the program, we will go to the "Temple of All Religions" to walk around the territory, put incense to Divine manifestations and make wishes.
And of course we will meditate in this amazing place.
And further we will visit a beautiful place where we will admire the beautiful views of "Tegalalang" rice terraces.

Day 4

Breakfast today will start unusually early at 8.00am because we're going swimming and sunbathing on a secret beach. And we're going early so our skin doesn't burn in the Balinese sun.

Closer to lunch, when the sun is already dangerous for us, we will go to the unusual and very colorful in its beauty village "Tenganan Pegeringsingan Village"
This is one of the oldest settlements on the island.
The customs of the indigenous inhabitants of Bali have been preserved here and the laws familiar to Balinese do not apply, the local hierarchy and rituals are structured differently, and the society is very closed and has only recently become accessible to tourists. Locals pay a large role to traditional crafts.
We will have lunch at an Indian vegetarian cafe and then visit two breathtakingly beautiful waterfalls:

Kanto Lampo Waterfall
Tibumana Waterfall

Day 5

This early beautiful morning we are going to do yoga.
Yoga has tangible benefits for both the physical body and the emotional state.

After breakfast, we're on our own for the day.
And today is free of any travel.
You have the opportunity to relax and unwind in our space, swim in the pool.
If you wish, you can make a walking tour of the fabulous town of Ubud. A detailed description of which you will receive.
Or pre-book an additional excursion, which you can familiarize yourself with by requesting in advance.

But don't forget to go to bed early tonight to get a good night's sleep and build up your energy before your night's adventure.
Recommended Attendance:

- Monkey Forest
- Artists' Trail
- Antonio Blanco Museum
- Puri Lukisan Museum
- Ubud Market (street market)
At 03.30 at night we will get up very early. All because we are going on an expedition to the real volcano “Batur” to meet a sunrise that is indescribably beautiful.
Here at dawn a small camp breakfast with warm tea will be arranged.

Thanks to a four-wheel drive jeep, we will be able to reach hard-to-reach places where you will explore the volcanic landscapes of the Kintamani region, drive through black sands and lava hills.
After the adventure, we will go to the thermal springs. Combined with a majestic panorama and fresh mountain air, it will allow us to relax and rejuvenate.
After a short rest, we will continue our expedition through the jungle on Mount Abang, where we will find the Bubung Renteng Temple and mystical statues hidden from prying eyes.

Day 6

Day 7

Today is a measured and relaxed day. In the morning, traditionally, after meditation, we will have breakfast.

Then we head off for a gong meditation at the Pyramids of Chi. This is an innovation for the world thanks to the combination of the power of the Pyramids, sacred geometry, ancient sounds and the ubiquitous magical energy of Bali.

Gong meditation aims to achieve balance between yourself and the world around you.
Energy is released, evenly distributed and moves freely through the body, releasing physical and emotional tension.
We will have lunch at Moksa vegetarian cafe, which is located in the suburbs of Ubud.
The atmosphere here is filled with warmth and homeliness.

Day 8

This morning we will continue to strengthen our physical body and do traditionally yoga.

After practice of course we'll have breakfast and we have a free day today.

You can go on optional excursions, go to Ubud to shop for souvenirs for loved ones, or just stay in our space to rest and relax.
In the evening, with those who preferred to stay or have already returned from excursions or walks, we will gather for a tea ceremony to enjoy the atmosphere and warm fellowship.

Day 9

Today is a unique day because we are going to the most important shrine on the island of Bali, the Pura Besakih temple. It's also known as the mother of all temples on the island of Bali. The temple is located at the foot of the largest and most active volcano in Southeast Asia - "Agung"

Next, we will visit the Samsara Museum.
This is a museum dedicated to the way of life and traditions of the local people. Here you can learn about the meaning and attributes of Balinese rituals, the order and structure of life - from birth to child rearing and funerals.
And the cherry on the cake of today's trip will be the King's Palace "Taman Ujung"
The palace was built in 1909 by the last king of Karangasem. There is a legend that in the olden days, King Karangasem heard rumors that there were people living in the vicinity who were using black magic to weaken his power. The ruler ordered his soldiers to arrest and execute everyone in a field that was on the site of the current palace. The place had a terrible reputation for a very long time. And the Balinese do not recommend visiting this place at night, as it is believed to be haunted.

Day 10

This is the day in which we will summarize our magical journey.
After a morning meditation and a delicious breakfast, we will gather in a warm circle in the yoga room to take stock.

But is this the end? Of course not. In the evening, we will go to the amazing and magical Agnihotra ceremony.
It's an ancient Vedic fire purification ceremony. It cleanses the space, atmosphere and energy of people.
Moreover, during the period of fire ritual and in the near future it is easier to feel what you want, what your purpose is.
You are free on this day. There will be no meditations or yoga practices today.
You will have a lot of free time, which you can spend both on rest and stroll along the picturesque streets to buy some souvenirs or just stay in the hotel and prepare for departure.

Day 11

On this day, it's time to go home.

Filled, refreshed and a little with a sense of sadness that this journey has come to an end, we drive to the airport.

Max Fry said: “I’m leaving forever... And in general everyone always leaves forever... It is impossible to return - someone else always returns instead of us.”

Be sure to ask yourself this question when you board the plane: "Who is this person who is returning home?"

Day 12

● Meeting at the airport and back
● Accommodation 12 days / 11 nights
● Breakfast
● All transfers according to the program
● Accompanying a guide throughout the tour
● Entrance fees according to the program
● Tea ceremonies
● Massage at the spa center “AMATI SPA”
● Purification ceremony in the springs
● Temple of "All Religions"
● Rice terraces
● 2 waterfalls
● Gong meditation
● Meditations according to the program
● Yoga classes
● Temple "Pura Besakih"
● King's Garden "Taman Ujung"
● A trip to the beach
● Traditional Balinese village "Tenganan Pegeringsingan Village"
● Visit to the Samsara Museum
● Jeep Tour expedition and sunrise at the Batur volcano
● Thermal springs

● Fire purification ceremony "Agnihotra"
● Gift
Cancellation policy
Prepayment of the tour is 50% (in case of cancellation is not refundable).
The second payment of 50% is made at least 14 days before the start of the tour.
If a package tour is canceled more than 14 days before the start of the tour, the penalty is 50% of the total price.
If the package tour is canceled less than 14 days before the start, then the penalty is 100% of the total cost.
If you fail to pay the required amount by the due date, we will be forced to cancel your contract, subject to the cancellation policy penalty.
Refunds are made at the exchange rate set by the Bank of Indonesia on the day of payment.
The term for consideration of a refund is up to 20 calendar days from the date of application.
The refund period is up to 10 calendar days from the date of the positive decision.
Failure to read this information is not a factor exempt from non-compliance with this agreement.