Compassion and love - the soul of nature, which can be seen in the eyes of all living beings


The sunny island of Bali - how much meaning we put into these words. A paradise island where life flows at its own pace...
A picture is drawn in my head, of a man sipping coconut slowly on the ocean, basking in the rays of the sun, around happy people. All of it is partly true, at first glance, it is, but unfortunately, all this happiness has the other side of the coin.

We are talking about our smaller brothers, namely, four-legged friends.
Those whom we used to always see near.
Those looking at which, we do not even think about the difficult fate and pain that they had to go through and still have to.
Those whose pitying eyes look at us when we eat something
Those whose nose is wet, we sometimes feel when they sniff us ...
Street dogs in Bali are not considered pets, and Indonesians' attitudes towards dogs are very different from those that fit into the cultural context of Western life. Due to growing poverty, many owners cannot afford spaying, vaccinations, vaccinations, and end up throwing their dogs out on the street. Unfortunately, some Indonesians show no compassion towards them.
The world is changing and people are changing with it. To many comes the understanding of kindness to the living beings of this planet. Indonesians are no exception.
More and more organizations and shelters for homeless animals appear in Bali. As a rule, most of them are open on a charitable basis and do not have sufficient financial support. Moreover, many of them are in big debt in veterinary clinics, which is a big problem for all charity. But that doesn't stop people from fighting and continuing to love and help those in need.
We will describe some of them below...

dogs in bali


The non-profit organization based in Bali works to save, protect and improve the lives of all animals on the island and beyond.
BAWA provides emergency response and rescue, food and medicine, rehabilitation and adoption, and practices humane population control and disease control.
The type of animal does not matter, help will go to all those in need, but the key focus is the Balinese dog, which is under threat
The collected funds from charity are used for the implementation of the following programs:

Emergency response and rescue;
Rehabilitation and adoption services;
Controlling the stray dog population.
Street feeding

Mission Pawsible

A small organization, but with a common goal - the rescue of homeless animals, is located and operates on the island of Bali.
Rescuing sick, injured and abandoned animals is not cheap, so they created an online store that allows you to sell the right things, and the buyer knows that the proceeds will be spent on helping animals in need, there is also the possibility of a regular donation of money
In order to help, it is not necessary to donate money, it is possible to adopt or adopt a cured dog to your home


Positions itself as a shelter for homeless animals, providing vaccination, sterilization and other necessary medical care to all rescued animals.
Conduct educational programs for schoolchildren and students to teach the importance of caring for their animals
All this is impossible, both without the material and personal support of people - 100% of all donations go to the improvement of Balinese animals
These are larger animal relief funds, but there are many other charitable organizations and volunteers on the island who help dogs in various ways, vaccinate and rehabilitate them.
Among them, there are also organizations that do not advertise themselves, since their activities do not have legal force and, therefore, are not legal. Some of them have more than 50 dogs. And they quietly do their good deed to the best of their ability.

Now there are many homeless animals on the island that need people's support, both material and physical as a volunteer. Charity donations help pay endless veterinary bills, treat suffering animals, and humanely reduce them by spaying. Sometimes it is simply necessary to lend a helping hand to needy animals, when the state does not care about this problem, to develop a society of animal defenders and establish new funds.

Such organizations always need help. If you feel and you have the opportunity, you can always go to their website on your own and organize some kind of help. In addition to financial assistance, such organizations are always happy to accept volunteers, but for this you need to be on the island.

anyone can help...