How to get to Bali?

The best flights to Bali
Asia is now one of the most popular travel destinations. First, it has become more accessible. Secondly, housing and food prices are much lower than in Europe. Thirdly, airlines often throw out promotions, discounts and the like in this direction. Well, the main bonus is summer 365 days a year. Who does not like this option.
And of course, Bali. An island with heavenly landscapes, with black and white sands, sunsets, jungles. A dream for outdoor enthusiasts, in particular for surfers. Here everyone finds his own wave. If extreme sports are not your priority, there are also plenty of places for yoga, retreats, snorkeling, trekking, beach holidays and so on. “How to get to Bali” you ask?
Unfortunately, charter flights do not fly to Indonesia, and in the form we are used to buying, "last minute trips" will no longer be available. Even if you turn to a tour operator for a ready-made tour package, which already includes accommodation, transfers and, most importantly, air tickets, you probably overpay several times. Only regular flights fly to Indonesia, because the flight takes an average of 24 hours. From that, the prices for the flight have always been a bit "biting". Therefore, the best way is to independently search for tickets for these regular flights, so as not to overpay the same tour operators.
And of course, it’s better to do this in advance: firstly, ticket prices change very often, and secondly, as already mentioned earlier, many airlines often offer promotions and discounts, which increases your chance to purchase tickets at a very competitive price.
The main sites on which it makes sense to look for an air flight to Bali:

Aviasales. They often add and update information, which is quite convenient. The resource has a calendar of low prices and monthly prices immediately in the search. Here you immediately understand whether it makes sense to move the dates and where to move them. There are maps of direct flights and in general it will be possible to make a convenient route there and back. The most convenient feature in the service is that they not only offer convenient sorting, but also show carrier options right at the top of the page, which greatly speeds up the decision to purchase tickets. And also they are the only ones who offer a calculation of the cost with and without luggage. That is, you don’t particularly scroll the page, you immediately see the price and the airline, from here you already decide on your desires. You can find different variations of flights, both direct flights and with transfers.

Skyscanner. Easy to search, it also gives you price options for the month. The only thing that usually confuses me is that when you go to the airline's website, you can see a slightly different amount. Usually it is not significant, it is most likely the fees of airlines that the resource does not immediately show.

As well as an option, you can go through the websites of all the airlines offered by search engines and see the prices there, it is quite possible that buying each ticket separately will be cheaper.