Neighboring islands of Bali

Indonesian islands around Bali
Indonesia has over 17,000 islands; 922 populated. Of these, there is this magical island of tranquil kaleidoscopic dusks and dawns, deeply rooted spirituality, volcanic uplifts, magnificent temples, amazing ocean, paradise beaches, monkey swings, and lush green vegetation.
We will reveal one secret to you. You probably know everything about Bali, but did you know that there are tiny islands around this little paradise too?
In fact, the best islands around Bali are must-see places, especially if you are on a romantic getaway. These Indonesian islands, located around Bali, are known not only for their picturesqueness, but also for their culture and hospitality of people. We will only highlight the brightest ones.
Nusa Penida Island

This small island is best represented by the magnificent viewpoint of Kelingking Beach. Over the years, photographs of this majestic T-Rex slope hugging the blissful bay below have become ubiquitous from Nusa Penida, courtesy of avid travelers enamored with its natural beauty. But that's not all: the island is also home to exquisite cave temples and even more coastal beauty - hidden lagoons, beaches, dive sites and more. Yes, the island is great for diving, snorkeling and surfing. Nusa Penida is the largest of the three Nusa Islands in southeast Bali. With untouched nature and plenty of unexplored territory, the culture trip believes that the best destinations haven't even been discovered yet.
Nusa Lembongan Island

If you are looking for a slower version of Bali, Nusa Lembongan is the place to be. With no traffic, no hawkers, and the best amenities, this island is one of Bali's most romantic getaways. The island does not allow any movement on four wheels, and this explains the lack of movement. Locals either walk or ride a bike, but you can use motorized transport. And you can too! While on a romantic holiday in Bali, you simply cannot afford to miss this 20 year old version of Bali as it offers so much adventure. The island has picturesque villages to escape, magnificent aquamarine life to explore, spectacular beaches such as Dream, Mashroom, Sandy Bay, Tamarin, and dense mangrove forests to dive into the boat; thus, it is ideal for a honeymoon.
3 Gili Paradise Islands - Trawangan, Aire, Meno
(Gili Trawangan, Gili Air, Gili Meno)

The most romantic of all the islands around Bali. White sand, blue lagoons, peace and tranquility, all this will await you on the paradise islands of Gili.

The peculiarity of these islands is that they are very small and are located nearby. You can easily get on a bicycle in 30 minutes from one end of the island to the other and in 15 minutes on a fishing boat to reach the neighboring island.

Romantic places where love can be rekindled, a turtle sanctuary, the best snorkeling spots and secluded restaurants - you can't imagine a better place for a honeymoon. Gili Trawangan is a noisier island, known for its parties, Gili Meno is called an island for pensioners, everything is calm there and there is almost no traffic, Gili Air is the best option, the coast is strewn with corals and it is not so expensive and not boring.
Another amazing feature of the islands is the ban on motor engines. The most popular means of transportation are bicycles. Well, if you are tired and have no strength to pedal, you can always use the local taxi service, namely a horse-drawn cart.
Java Island

To the west of Bali is the cultural center of Indonesia-Java. With its countless temples, architectural marvels, rugged Indonesian culture and heritage, and a handful of volcanoes, Java is rightly called mini-Indonesia. Among hundreds of volcanoes and beautiful landscapes, many swords and temples, shrines and palaces have been preserved. Jakarta, Bandung, Joja, Malang and Bogor are the famous cities of this traditional island off Bali. The ancient Hindu temples of Borobudur and the place of the Sultan are the epitome of royal Indonesian culture.
Flores Island and Komodo

With magnificent scenery, beautiful pink sand beaches and crystal clear waters, these paradise islands are part of Flores, which is only an hour's flight from Bali. While every inch of Bali's popular beaches is often crowded with tourists, these relatively unspoilt tropical islands guarantee more privacy with delightful lagoons and even more open spaces and scenery.

Komodo National Park on UNESCO World Heritage-listed Komodo Island is home to the world's largest lizard, the Komodo dragon. Undoubtedly, the islands' animals attract a lot of attention, but the surrounding waters also offer excellent snorkeling opportunities for wildlife lovers.

The underwater world of Komodo Island is home to famous manta rays, sharks and some of Indonesia's most spectacular reefs.