Transport in Bali

How to get around in Bali?
There are many different modes of transport on the island of Bali, from public to private, prices naturally depend on comfort and speed.

In Bali, tourists do not travel by public transport. The most acceptable means of transportation is a taxi. Most taxis use a meter, if not, then the fare must be negotiated before getting into the car or insisting that the driver turn on the meter by saying "Mr, please", this will help you not to overpay for the fare. It is best to use the taxi services of the Blue Bird group. Blue taxis labeled "Bali Taxi" (known as Blue Bird Taxis) are the most honest.
The second most used way to get from point A to point B is to use the services of the Go-Jek company. You can easily download the application of this company to your phone and call yourself a car or a motorcycle taxi. The application will immediately fix the cost of your trip, which is very convenient. If you call a motorcycle taxi, then a bike or scooter will come for you. The advantage of this transport is that you will quickly and with a breeze get to the place you need, and the cost will be much cheaper than by car. Cons: not so safe and not comfortable over long distances. Despite the fact that locals are driving, who have been accustomed to the Asian specifics of traffic since childhood (left-hand traffic in Indonesia), there are unpleasant situations and accidents.
If you have cash, you can rent a car in Bali, with the ability to drive it yourself. If you rent a car from a reputable car company, you can have the advantage of driving your own car in Bali's lesser traveled areas, with your range only limited by your gas budget. Gasoline, by the way, is quite cheap. The cost of 1 liter of petrol is IDR 10,000.
However, don't worry if you're not used to right-hand drive or panic easily when other motorists break the rules of the road. Traffic in Bali is chaotic and dangerous. Take a car with a driver if you are not up to it.
В зависимости от вашего маршрута, региона острова, в котором вы остановились, вашего бюджета и вашего опыта, аренда мотоцикла может быть самым эффективным и доступным транспортом на Бали. Прокат скутеров может стоить около 60 000-70 000 рупий в день, а полный бак бензина-около 20 000 рупий. Это позволит вам свободно путешествовать.

По закону для езды на мотоцикле требуется международная лицензия, но ни один арендатор не будет принуждать к этому. Однако, если вас остановит полиция и поймают без лицензии, вы будете оштрафованы.
Аренда мотоцикла оптимальна для местных путешествий по Бали, а не для дальних расстояний. Дальние поездки на мотоцикле могут стать неудобными, так как погода может быть жаркой, а воздух, которым вы дышите, пыльным и загрязненным.
Будьте очень осторожным водителем, убедитесь, что у вас есть страховка для путешествий. Если Вы приехали не на долгий срок, то лишний раз лучше использовать такси, чтобы не рисковать своей жизнью и здоровьем, а также не испортить свой незабываемый отдых.