Areas in Bali

Which area to choose to live?
Whether you are a newcomer or a permanent resident of the island, finding the best area to stay in Bali is not always easy. There are emerald rice fields and chic resort towns, sun-drenched tourist or wild beaches and misty rainforests. There's wild nightlife for partygoers, amazing entertainment for kids, and everything in between. While the entire island of Bali offers endless sights and destinations for tourists, there are some areas that are more developed and famous than others. For the best in culture, cuisine, accommodation and attractions, explore Bali's coolest neighborhoods as we share below.
Ubud area

Ubud is known as the cultural heart of Bali, and here in this lush hinterland, the hills are enlivened by the sounds of meditation, yoga, and... the bustling downtown. While the center of Ubud today may resemble a bustling town, the artistic beating heart of Bali is still a very special place once you get away from the busy central streets. Ubud is also the capital of yogic and meditation practices.

Ubud has become world famous not only for the Eat Pray Love meeting of Julia Roberts, but also for its beautiful postcards of rice fields, palm trees and lush green vegetation, as well as a range of cultural and soulful activities, that revolve around nature and health. Not far from Ubud is the famous monkey park (Monkey forest).

This place makes time stop and gives you the right air to breathe. If you are looking for a peaceful place and some culture or adventure, then you should definitely not miss the amazing Ubud area.
Kuta and Seminyak area

After being Bali's most popular holiday destination for decades, these areas have grown into a bustling tourist scene, with restaurants and shops lining just about every street. From the road directly in front of the beach, which extends for several kilometers inland, tourists can find almost everything: shopping centers, traditional markets, beach bars, art galleries, restaurants, nightclubs and of course surf schools. The Seminyak area hosts beach parties once every two to three weeks, which are among the best in the world.
It is here that you will find the noisiest and busiest areas of Bali.
Canggu District

For years, Canggu has managed to strike a balance between being a well-known tourist destination and remaining a semi-rural coastal town with green rice fields and modest buildings.

Here you'll find hip cafes, incredible restaurants, affordable accommodations, spas, world-renowned beach clubs, and a cool community of hipsters, surfers, and digital nomad expats.

Recently, Canggu has become very popular among young people and every year more and more tourists come here to surf and relax, overlooking the sunset, at the local beach club.
Jimbaran District

Jimbaran's proximity to the airport makes it a great choice for both the start and end of your Bali trip. It started as a fishing village and is still home to some of the freshest seafood on the island.

You can choose your seafood which comes straight from the boats to be cooked. Even for those not staying in Jimbaran, dining at these famous beachfront restaurants is a must.

With its calm waters, Jimbaran Bay is one of Bali's best and safest beaches - with breathtaking sunsets to boot.
It is a favorite among families and couples, with its slower pace.
Bukit Peninsula

This sprawling area is often simply referred to as Uluwatu, which itself is world famous for its legendary surf, stunning cliffs and pristine white sand coves. It is in this area that you can rent a straw house right on the ocean and enjoy a healthy sleep.

This is a point in the very south of Bali. You could say it's a surfer's paradise because all the best surfers come here, so if you want to sunbathe while meeting some cute Australian surfer, then this is probably the best place. The waves here are high and not at all suitable for beginner surfers.
Nusa Dua area

There are many 5-star hotels and several 5-star villas with magnificent white sand beaches.
You can enjoy your meal at numerous restaurants, most of which are located within the resorts. With its calm waters, cobbled streets and well maintained resort complex, it is great for both families and newcomers to Bali.
If you love a resort style vacation with all the amenities, then this is the place for you!
Sanur District

This is a quiet coastal village in Bali. Filled with lovely little cafes, fantastic restaurants, the biggest dive operators, lush hotels and plenty of spas, Sanur has a lot to see and do for those looking for a slower pace of life compared to Kuta or Canggu. Colorful wooden fishing boats line the beaches, and bikes can be rented and ridden along a long path along the beach. In windy times, you can go kite surfing and windsurfing.

Sanur tends to attract older or family oriented people.
If you are looking for a slower pace to swim in the calm ocean and feel like you are in the countryside, this is the place for you!