Where to do yoga in Bali?

In Bali, there is a special atmosphere filled with something magical, promising and something else completely indescribable. And all this mystery and unusualness make Bali an ideal place for yoga.
Where to do yoga?
Ubud area:

Yoga Barn.
One of the largest and world famous studios not only in Bali, but throughout Southeast Asia. There are 24 types of classes that take place daily every hour from 7 am to 9 pm, a lot of everything. There are retreats, trainings, practicing Ayurveda, a weekly detox course and healing procedures. You can also live there, there is a guesthouse and a cafe.


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Radiantly Alive.
Big studio, lots of different classes.
27 types of yoga, to be exact. Classes from 7.30 am until the evening every hour something new. They conduct retreats, dances, meditation, sound therapy, trainings for yoga teachers and seminars.


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Anandalife - atmarama yoga, kundalini, yoga therapy, astrology, holotropic breathing, constellations and so on.

Fivelements - hotel in the jungle, eco style, restaurant, honeymoon offer, retreats, SPA, meditation, rejuvenation, detoxification.


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Como Shambhala Estate - sports and health center with a yoga and dance studio, a gym, a swimming pool, a restaurant, located near the city of Ubud, near the sacred river Ayung.


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Canggu area:

Samadi Bali.
He specializes in traditional Mysore Ashtanga yoga, in addition to yoga, they teach meditation, balance the chakras, conduct retreats and trainings, there is a holistic center, an organic cafe (teaching proper nutrition), a villa for living and a shop. A great place for spiritual relaxation and yoga practices.


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Desa Seni - mainly focused on individual classes, but there are also general classes: ashtanga, hatha, kundalini, gravity yoga, vinyasa, pranayama, meditation, Balinese dances for children.


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Udara Bali - is located on the ocean. There are free classes on Sunday mornings.


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The Practice - Lots of activities for different skill levels. Hatha yoga, yin yoga. Conduct lectures and seminars.


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Uluwatu area:

Morning Light Yoga Studio. Class for all levels daily at 07.30 am in a beautiful room overlooking the ocean, to the sound of waves and a refreshing breeze. They give rugs, and after the class, fresh coconut is free.


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Sanur area:

Power of Now Oasis - daytime yoga classes, meditations, retreats, holistic center and yoga teacher training.


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